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On the line

Auf der Linie(DE)

Film, 2016, 6'23 min 

Diretor, Screenwriter und Editor: Hyeseon Jeong

Actors: Hans Christian Hegewald, Nyamandi Mushayavanhu, Christoph Kugler

Camera: Kim Lotte Stoeber, Agata Pietrzik

Boom operator: Marlene Bennet, Sriram Srivigneswaramoorthy

Composer: Sina Sadeghpour

Sound mixer: Bernd Zimmermann

Supervisor: Prof. Rotraut Pape

Production: University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main

Language: German

Can one voluntarily and deliberately give up one's nationality? One day Anpa runs into Igno on the street. On the ground Anpa discovers a discarded chewing gum for the first time in his life. They meet again in front of a dentist building and Anpa and Igno have a little argument. Anpa will draw a new truth from this encounter. At first he doubts Igno's attitude, but gradually he starts to worry about his own opinion on chewing gum.

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