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Das neutrale Feuerzeug

The neutral lighter (EN)

Experimental Audio piece, 2019, 22 min
Direction, Composition and Dramaturgy:

Hyeseon Jeong
Voice: My Anh Chi Trinh
Production: Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Language: German
Text: Original texts from “Diary of a Korean(Tagebuch eines Koreaners)” by Hans Bernhard *The original texts were modified / dramatized by Hyeseon Jeong

“A dashed line seems to be more hopeful than a solid line. So your mission is to keep the dashed line.” Shortly after the Korean War in the 1950s the Swiss General Hans Bernhard was called to Korea as part of the neutral monitoring commission for the armistice. Diary reports and photos document his residence time and reflect his view of the world and the historical truth of the Cold War. The musical acoustic sounds follow traces with his lighter back then and are transmitted on the web today.

sound performance

2019 KHM Rundgang „Lovely music 2“ Sound Performance, KHM Studio A, Köln

das neutrale feuerzeug 02.jpg
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