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There is a dense Forest

Da ist ein dichter Wald(DE)

Experimental Film, 2018, 7'13 min
Director, writer and editor Hyeseon Jeong

This half real and half virtual forest is located in central Seoul, South Korea. The local digital map material shows strange topographies in some areas, for instance the house of the president is not visible. Instead, the fake and expanded forest is covering the military infrastures and sensitive government facilities. In fact, the South Korean government doesn’t allow open the sensitive geographical information – specifically to North Korea. Thus, South Korea denied a request by Google to export accurate digital map data. Not only does the digital map hide something, access to the real forest is also severely restricted due to military training. There is a dense forest thematizes this with fictional protagonists such as a resident, a food blogger, a taxi driver and a German antique collector who do not know the truth about this fake world.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 20.27.52.png


3D Game Artwork by Elvis0529 (Steam Workshop)

Music: Infinite // Meadow, Synthetic//Pines, Hidden//Street by Staqq Overflo

Sound effect: Hyeseon Jeong

Sound mix: Bernd Zimmermann

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